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It’s not often we’ll include something on our site that’s about somewhere we haven’t been!

Don’t get us wrong – we have been to Argentina – back in the late 70’s  during The Dirty War (Spanish: Guerra Sucia) against socialism at a time of state terrorism when dissidents were driving down the street machine-gunning the Consulate properties in which we were staying with friends on our honeymoon. Buenos Aires was not a happy place just then albeit it was a place we said we’d love to return to in better times.

Our invitation to the Argentine Embassy recently, therefore piqued our interest, especially as it was to learn more about a La Aguada, a polo ranch that is now embarking on equine experience luxury stays. Cherrie grew up with horses (which probably explains a lot) and I have ridden for a number of years including pursuing polo lessons some time ago – so this offer seemed really interesting.

So, on a lovely sunny day in London we knocked on the door of the embassy and were ushered through to the Salón de los Embajadores, a large room lined with the portraits of numerous ambassadors through the years.

The presentation by Thomas Hume, Polo Manager at La Aguada showed a number of options – from a romantic getaway in their extensive rural environment, surrounded by over five hundred horses, through all sorts of permutations of increasingly equestrian pursuits, right through to full polo tuition. In short, whatever your preference La Aguada can prepare a tailor-made programme to suit you.

La_Aguada_2519 copy

Cherrie: Polo matches, always an exhilarating spectacle (both the horses and the players!), are played daily by high goal players and/or visiting teams. They’ve also prepared some ‘Experiences’ that package together various pursuits over a three/four day period. One example is ‘For Horse Lovers’ which includes:

 Accommodation for 4 days / 3 nights at the estancia
• All-inclusive service, including a countryside asado and gourmet dinner
• A tour to the embryo transference center followed by an explanation about the selection process and breeding of high quality polo ponies
• A tour to the stables, horse feeding, preparation and training
• Polo lessons
• Horse riding and introduction to Polo playing
• Premium wine tasting at sunset
• A tour to San Antonio de Areco. Visiting silversmiths
• Transfers in/out

Accommodation is in either one of two luxury villas that will accommodate couples or groups up to twenty in number.

La Aguada is only a forty-five minute drive away from Buenos Aires so we would imagine that it would be an ideal stopover on a grander tour of Argentina where you might combine some of the more famous sights and locations with a relaxing (or not) stay at the La Aguada estancia.

Villa 1
La Aguada - Photo: Magali Saberian
29-11-13 1179 (1)

As we write it would appear that in its early days of expanding beyond the purely polo-centric that La Aguada will be accommodating of any request to dovetail around your travel plans – so it could be a good time to visit.

We’ll let you know when we’re next in Argentina but if you get there before us then let us know about your experience!

La Aguada prefer to arrange bookings through tour operators, so you can always contact us at TLC World to make your arrangements but if you’d like to look at the La Aguada website for ideas then see:

La Aguada Resort

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Warnings about Zika Virus in South America are still current. To check if you’re vulnerable to it and its effects, please read this information from:

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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