Colour on the wing in Sri Lanka

No matter how indifferent you might be to ‘Twitchers’ it’s almost impossible not to become mesmerised by the spectrum of colour and form in Sri Lanka’s birdlife.

If you’re already a dedicated birder, then Sri Lanka offers you the ability to pursue your desires whilst the rest of the family (if you’ve brought them) can enjoy the culture, history and beaches of the country – such is the geographic and cultural variety within easy reach on this exotic island.

If you’re a casual or newly intrigued birder you’ll be fascinated by the variety and colour of bird life in almost every location that you visit during the course of a tour that otherwise has little to do with feathers.

Sri Lanka boasts a number of protected national parks but even the sky around historic monuments and sites is full of colour to enhance your visit.

The dedicated birder will probably already be aware that over two hundred and thirty four species can be found, thirty three of which are endemic and another two hundred plus as migrants; within a spectrum of wide ranging habitat, from tropical rain forest to wet lowlands.

The combination of topography and rainfall, occasioned by the two opposite coastal monsoons that Sri Lanka experiences and which are each stalled by the central highland spine, ensures that several zones (broadly described as either ‘wet’ or ‘dry’) each have their own species.

The ‘Wet’ Zone is largely the central highland and western areas of the island; whereas the ‘Dry’ Zone covers the rest of the island, split into varying areas (north, east, south and north central) each with its own distinct character and complement of species.

The Wet Zone zone can be further divided by elevation – low, medium and high and contains most of Sri Lanka’s biodiversity and where most of the endemics are found.
Whatever your preference or dedication, you can visit Sri Lanka at any time of year and be assured of fine weather.

The Northeast monsoon, not surprisingly, affects the northeast of the country between October and January, whereas the Southwest monsoon affects the southwest between May and August. The peak wilderness sanctuary area of tropical rainforest can be wet all year round and is known as the wettest place in Asia, west of Borneo. That said, you can keep dry, year-round and birding doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

Our own interest is born out of our life in the jungles of India and has evolved as much by a fascination of birdlife in general, as with the patterns and shapes that appeal photographically.

Within the scope of this short article we seek simply to tempt you to consider Sri Lanka for something beyond its beaches and cultural sites. The plethora of colour in the pictures you’ll see here must surely brighten any tour of this beautiful country that has so much condensed into a relatively small area.

The good network of roads, forests and protected areas, ensure that you’ll easily reach the majority of birdlife on the island with relative ease.
We highly recommend that you consider dusting off your binoculars and investing in a longer camera lens to truly enjoy the wonders that Sri Lanka has to offer – but there’s a lot to be said for relaxing by your pool with G&T in hand, as a kaleidoscope of colour flits around the periphery of your vision.

When you’ve inspired yourself with birds in Sri Lanka, there’s always reptiles, animals and sea-life to entrance you thereafter!


Cherrie's Notes

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