Costa Kaleidoscope

Costa Rica offers one of the most diverse, stable, peaceful and colourful destinations that you’ll find anywhere on the planet – thanks in part to having abolished its standing army many years ago.

From occupation by the Spanish Conquistadors who named it the ‘Rich Coast’ to the bloodshed and turmoil of civil war throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, its little wonder that by 1947 this little independent country had had enough. After one decisive revolution it abandoned the military spirit and has enjoyed enduring peace ever since – for over 70yrs.

Apart from increasing the life expectancy for Costa Rica residents, diverting funding from the military into health, culture, education and the environment means that the country has literacy rate of 96% and has become a prism of wildlife and art that reflects a spectrum of wonders that any visitor will marvel at.

It’s impossible to cover everything that Costa Rica offers in depth here, so we’ve summarised its attractions under several headings that encapsulate why you really should put this magical country at the top of your wish-list as soon as possible.


We’ve put this first as its often one of the first things that concern visitors to exotic climes and countries. Relax, in every way. Costa Rica offers a cross section of luxury hotels, stylish resorts and exotic lodges that cater for every taste and preference – and the food’s great too! The pictures here give you a brief insight into the variety on offer.

TLC Xandari by the Pacific Hotel, bedroom 2, Playas Esterillos
TLC Falls Hotel, garden 2, Manuel Antonio
TLC Casa Corcovado, lodge office building
TLC Lost Iguana, Spa reception, Arenal
TLC Costa Verde Hotel, 727 rooms, Manuel Antonio
TLC Finca Rosa Blanca, Pool area 3, San Jose
TLC Hotel Alto 5, San Jose
TLC Casa Corcovado, lodge rooms
TLC Finca Rosa Blanca, central hallway 2, San Jose

Scenery & Landscapes

Costa Rica presents you with everything from beautiful beaches (some within national parks) to cloud and rain forest and dramatic volcanoes that still grumble from time to time.

This means you’ll be bathing in natural hot springs one minute or paddling in warm Pacific or Caribbean seas the next – before putting your head into the clouds to discover the tropical vegetation.

TLC Fruit and flowers
TLC Rapids
TLC Beach, Manuel Antonio National Park 3
TLC Meandering river, Quepos
TLC Tree Orchid
TLC Tortuguero beach
TLC Tropical rain storm, Manuel Antonio
TLC Rain Forest, Manuel Antonio
TLC Tortuguero river wildlife spotting


A seemingly endless and unparalleled variety of wildlife presents itself to you – from big cats to minute frogs, shimmering birdlife to stealthy cayman – whether you’re drifting through the mangrove swamps, hiking through the forest or sitting by your pool. Costa Rica is a wildlifers paradise – you’ll never exhaust the array that nature presents whilst you’re here.

TLC Scarlet Macaws, Waterfall Gardens, San Jose
TLC Green Iguana, Tortuguero 3
TLC Anhinga 10, Tortuguero
TLC Stable Spider
TLC Red-eyed Tree Frog 10, Tortuguero copy
TLC Bare-throated Tiger Heron, Corcovado National Park 3
TLC Hummingbird, Violet Sabrewing 15
TLC Howler monkey 14, Tortuguero
TLC Blue Morpho Butterfly, Tortuguero

People & Places

Costa Rica offers a network of internal flights that can get you to places of interest more quickly while enjoying an aerial display of sights and views you’ll never forget. Wherever you go you’ll be warmly welcomed as you drive through shanty villages or busting cities – each showing some of its heritage and history within its architecture, customs and daily life. Don’t be in a hurry to get to your next destination – enjoy the journey – and once you arrive, there are plenty of modern-day facilities and sports to keep you occupied, if you’ve a mind.

TLC San Jose, shanty towns, landing approach 2
TLC Paraglider, Manuel Antonio
TLC Nature Air, Twin Otter, embarking Manuel Antonio 2
TLC Street trader, Manuel Antonio
TLC L'Avion Bar, Manuel Antonio
TLC Shop girl, Sierpe
TLC Streetscene, Sierpe
TLC Licence plate, Costa Rica
TLC Old plantation freight train, Sierpe 3

Art & Culture

One of the true benefits of Costa Rica’s peaceful ethos is that art, culture and health have flourished – a fact that you’ll never be oblivious to wherever you go. Costa Rica has to be one of the most colourful countries that we’ve visited, with scarcely a shack without some form of self-expression manifesting itself.

TLC Wall Art, Lost Iguana, Arenal
TLC Coffee pickers, San Jose
TLC Door carving detail 2, Lost Iguana, Arenal
TLC Orchid, Manuel Antonio
TLC Giant mask, Anhinga, Tortuguero
TLC Landscape 2, Manuel Antonio
TLC Mawamba Lodge
TLC Abstract, Xandari Hotel reception, San Jose
TLC Abstract 4, Xandari Hotel, San Jose

Go there now!

Although Costa Rica offers modern facilities and accommodation, it hasn’t lost its character – so you know you’re in an exotic country, with a rich and diverse heritage and mesmerising display of wildlife and landscapes that still remain largely untouched.

Wherever you go you’ll be presented with unique views and new experiences, whilst secure in the knowledge that you can relax both during your travels and at the end of each day.

Costa Rica really is wild and wonderful but as with many destinations today – the sooner you go there the better if you’re to enjoy it at its best.


Cherrie's Notes

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