How We Work

As ‘The Luxury Couple’ we never do any of our travels as paid representatives of any company, nor comment on any product, service or destination in return for direct remuneration.

We do not comment on or recommend any destination that we have not visited or experienced. We will tell you if it is ever the case.

You will always get our honest opinion – good or bad – and can rely on our impartiality.

We are happy to plan, arrange and book holidays for you based on our personal knowledge and experience, through our own TLC World.

We do make affiliate links to suppliers of products, places and services that we have personally used, were really thrilled with and are happy to endorse. We may earn an income from these referrals as a way of funding this site, as we do with any advertising.

If you think a destination, product or service would be of interest to our readers we are happy to review them but please remember that we cater only for luxury travellers who do not generally travel in large groups – and nor do we – so if you would like our view of things please be prepared to meet all costs appropriate to individual travel. We do not charge for our participation. Please also be prepared for our honest opinion as meeting our costs does not guarantee an endorsement.

We are available and already participate in public speaking and consultancy on a variety of subjects including conservation, travel and marketing and are happy to discuss commissions with interested parties.

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