Introducing Geoff & Cherrie

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Since introducing ‘The Luxury Couple’ in 2015 we have set out to establish a point of reference for all couples and companions who seek luxury experiences with a difference.

We’ve now created TLC World – our specialist bonded Tour Operator business for those who want to turn great ideas into special experiences, with personal attention and individual itineraries.

If you, like us, still seek luxury travel ideas and experiences and haven’t yet lost your spirit of adventure (or want to discover it) then we and our team at ‘TLC’ will guide you around the globe, sharing our knowledge, ideas, experiences and opinions to help you to create your own. ‘You travel, we care.’

We have spent our lives, much of it as skimming stones across the globe, including enjoying the heady days of Concorde, QE2 and Orient Express; with frequent stops to immerse ourselves more deeply in a variety of pursuits – from sailing, powerboating, flying our own aircraft, horse-riding, skiing, tennis, golf, cycling, walking and photography – right through to emigrating to India for seven years with our family to concentrate on tiger conservation and to work with marginalised tribal people.

Having always run our own businesses and paddled our own canoe; we’ve tasted both sides of life – the highs and the lows. Having sold the canoe, we still share our experiences in many venues as guest speakers, including luxury cruise ships sailing most oceans.

We continue to travel extensively and always seek the unusual, the novel and the special experience that is rarely found by travelling in large groups.

In the pursuit of luxury, we always try to offer something of benefit to others when travelling and favour those places that act responsibly rather than purely hedonistically. Please remember that our opinions are just that – our opinions – but hopefully you’ll concur with many of them as you get to know us on our journeys together.

Welcome to The Luxury Couple.


Geoff and Cherrie

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Just a couple of the things Geoff & Cherrie are also involved in…

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Schoolkids blog

Patchwork Kids Registered Charity 

The care, education and support of marginalised children in India and Africa

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‘No Worry Chicken Curry’ – Amazon Kindle e-book.

The amusing and sometimes taxing story of seven years in India and working in tiger conservation with their young family.


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The first five chapters of ‘No Worry Chicken Curry’

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