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When we met you we thought you were special people, but now we think you are super special, extraordinary people. I have told all my friends about you and recommended everybody to read your book.
Karen von Gerlach

We are still talking of the good time we had with you both and how much we enjoyed your company. We feel truly privileged to have met you.
Kai von Garnier


Separately from TLC World, where we organise specialist holidays for independent travellers, from time to time we travel to far flung places and quite enjoy the company of others!

On this page we’re open to suggestions and ideas – if it takes our fancy we’ll definitely consider it.

We’ll also keep you posted of journeys we’re doing where we’d be happy to include up to six other people with us.

We’re happy to consider acting as guides or organising specialist photographic trips if you have a destination in mind


Depending on the trip and the destination all of our travel will be bonded through ABTA, TTA and/or IATA

We have a wealth of experience in many countries now; so you would be travelling with us as companions on a journey of discovery and experience. You might always find the equivalent trip slightly cheaper elsewhere but (for better or worse) you won’t have the pleasure of our company!

We participate as lively company for those who’d like to share a journey with us. You already know more about us than we do of you – so please understand that we’ll want to quiz you on your personal motivations and preferences before we agree to travel with you.

If you would like to propose a trip we’ll be happy to research it if it appeals to us.

Where we have been specifically requested to check out a destination by a third party then we most probably won’t share the journey with you other than via our website after we return.

We’re already planning journeys to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Bhutan and India – so if any take your fancy…

Why not tempt us?

Contact us here to express an interest

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