Fly Southern Africa as if its in your own plane

Join your favourite locations in Southern Africa with Skypass for the ultimate personalised itinerary.

We’ll help you create your own perfect Southern Africa itinerary by putting together the locations and stays you’ve always wanted to visit – for the amount of time you’d like – all linked together by a smart commuter executive aircraft – flying to set routes and schedules that you just hop on and off from.


Just choose from  the  routes shown here and let’s build your itinerary around it to include some of the best sights and scenes in Africa. You can stay or drive around the locations on the route you choose, simply rejoining your aircraft on a day that suits you, when its next back in town.


Safari and Falls

You’ll almost believe you’ve got your own private aircraft to whizz you between stunning locations – and the cost is reasonable –  at about £600 per person for the complete circuit (at current exchange rates and fare costs)

Lion male CFC_2239
Xakanaxa Camp 5

There’s inevitably some small print, which boils down to – the routes follow one direction and are costed at the time you book on a non-refundable basis after ticketing.

Other than that – just get in and fly!


enquire-1Fancy exploring Southern Africa? If you’d like to plan your own personal itinerary then simply phone 01202 030443 or click ‘enquire’

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