The ‘Harbour Cocktail’ from the Taj Mumbai

Our barman at the Taj enticed us with his 1933 Harbour Cocktail (famous at the Taj since it was devised for some American visitors to celebrate the end of Prohibition) and as a result he saw more of us than anyone else in the hotel over the three days we spent there! Not that our life necessarily revolves around alcohol, or that we’re particularly partial to cocktails – finding them too sweet for the most part – but this one is superb; we’re definitely hooked on it. Try making it yourself but for a true master’s touch you really need to be sitting in the Harbour Bar of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba (one of our top two favourite hotels in India), chatting over the day’s events with a large chilled glass in your hand.

The recipe. Gather together Gin, Green Chartreuse, Peach liqueur, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and a fresh apple and pomegranate. Pour 15ml of peach liqueur, 120ml of pineapple juice and 60ml of cranberry juice and stir well together with a large scoop of ice into a large glass. Add 60ml of gin into the mix to liven it up.  Put 30ml of Green Chartreuse into a brandy glass and leave it to warm over a flame. Give the juice mix a thorough shaking with a touch of flair by waving your arms around in true cocktail barman style and decant it into your cocktail glass of choice. Take the warmed Green Chartreuse and flambé it. Cascade the toasted liquor whilst still alight into your eagerly awaiting cocktail. Top it all off with a generous but not overwhelming helping of freshly sliced apple and pomegranate.

Your cocktails, sir!

It should look like the picture and taste heavenly – not too toxic but very refreshing – you’ll only know if you’ve got the taste right by comparing it with one in the Taj!

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