Revival around the corner

So who’s your hero?

For a fabulous festival with fashion, flying and fish and chips in perfect harmony, where better to go this September than the Goodwood Revival in West Sussex, England?

Very much part of the International sporting scene, Revival is all that’s best about English ‘theatre’ with obligatory and willing audience participation on a grand scale.

Following on from our flying-boats post a couple of weeks ago, Revival extends the theme of couple participation at events that might otherwise be largely male oriented.

Revival 16
Revival 10
Revival 4
Revival 11
Revival 9
Revival 17

Where better to bring together the intoxicating essence of Castrol R and Chanel No.5 than at Goodwood Revival, where Lord March puts on a stunning display of vintage aircraft, classic sports and racing cars all blended with the style and fashions of the forties through to the sixties.

Helter skelter Revival
Revival 15
Revival 14
Revival 2
Revival 23
Revival 13

Whether you involve yourself for a day, a whole weekend, as spectator or participant, you can’t fail but be immersed in (and totally absorbed by) what has all the glamour but none of the grime of the Goodwood heydays. Take a picnic or wallow in luxury at the hospitality junkets and evening parties – whatever you do you’ll love it and come back for more next year.

WW2 group Revival
Revival 7
Revival 5
Spitfire Revival 2
Revival 21
Revival 20

Our pictures might capture the essence but never the breadth of fun and festive atmosphere that pervades every corner of Goodwood. Do a bit of reading up, dress like your classic heroes and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Of the thousands that attend you’ll stand out in the crowd if you haven’t joined in!

Revival can’t fail but to revitalise the party person in you.


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Revival this year: 11th-13th September 2015

Official Goodwood site

Telegraph article

Goodwood Revival fashion ideas


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