Best 5 Products at Southampton Boat Show

Our Best-in-Show product selection for luxury travellers who don’t necessarily need a new ‘ship’!

A day at the Southampton Boat Show is always a good one – even if it always serves up a mixture of wind, sunshine and showers – but what else would boaties expect?

We spent the Preview Day scouting around for new or novel ideas that might appeal to you, our luxury travellers. Products you might not have seen, or might have overlooked, or that have simply only just been launched. Here’s our pick of the day and all worth checking out.


Best in Show

tlc-sunseeker-8The Sunseeker Collection

You might think Sunseeker have always had its own range of products – but you’d be wrong.

This is the first year they’ve taken on board the challenge of producing their own range of high quality merchandise that reflects the cachet of this prestigious brand.

– and they’re off to a flying start with some excellent items launched at the Southampton Boat Show, which wins them our very special and most deserved accolade of ‘Best in Show’.



Its early days but their uniquely designed and branded jackets, polo shirts and caps are specially made by one of the industry leaders, Henri Lloyd; whereas their distinctive Predator leathergoods are crafted in Italy with a distinctive carbon-fibre look. There’s nothing brash and overt about the range and the designer of the lifestyle accessories came from a recommend by Sunseeker devotee Eddie Jordan, from the world of F1 – where only perfection is good enough.


Eddie Jordan at the opening of the Sunseeker stand on Preview Day this year

The signature union-jack slice and distinctive Sunseeker logo enhance these products, which bring a new dimension to this highly successful brand.

We’ll tell you more as the range develops but for the meantime – well done Sunseeker – it’s long overdue!

The range is so new its yet to make it onto the Sunseeker website – so we’ll add the url when it does.

While you’re waiting – if you’d like to explore their range of superyachts, for which you’ll definitely need their lifestyle goods, then see here:


…or if you’d like to inquire further about the range then contact



2. Worboys Shirts

tlc-worboys-1tlc-worboys-2Only a month old and with just twelve designs you’d think Worboys Shirts would struggle but the niche they’re carving with their high quality woven 100% Poplin ‘rainbow’ shirts suggests they’re here to stay.

Lively patterns, lovely material and bright colours mean that you’ll be wearing a  smart but casual shirt that doesn’t conform to the boring run-of the-mill offerings presented to men throughout the land. We think Worboys are to be commended for their confidence and energy. Well done!

Worboys Shirts


3. Costa Sunglasses

tlc-costa-2 tlc-costa-1Although they’ve been around for some thirty years or more Costa have never really been on our radar – but once you try them on you’ll be really impressed with the light-handling characteristics of the lenses and the robust but lightweight build of the various styles they offer compared with other high-end alternatives. Certainly on a day at Southampton that delivered high glare, cloud cover and flashes of sunshine they coped well to neutralise all three and provide a beautifully clear, high resolution image. We were impressed in just the short time we had with them – definitely worth a look next time you’re in the market for quality shades

Costa Sunglasses


4. Bayan Audio

tlc-bayan-1With so many well known brand options we thought that the Soundbook GO is a neat and effective alternative. It’s an ultra compact wireless speaker designed to help you enjoy expansive sound wherever you travel. It can be connected simply in seconds via Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) and its design and dimensions make it perfect for slipping in a bag or suitcase so you can enjoy your music anywhere for up to nine hours before recharging.

Its also got a built in mic for hands-free conference calling – if you really must talk to others on your luxury break!

Available in black, red, blue or white, more importantly, it has great sound and comes with a non-slip smart cover that both protects and activates the unit

Bayan Audio


5. Foutala

tlc-foutalaWe liked Foutala because they’re an elegant solution to a tedious problem. They’re a simple but effective alternative to heavy wet towels and are good for any use in any location. This range of brightly coloured, light and striped 100% cotton multi-use towels are absorbent, quick drying, compact and lightweight. Use them as a towel, sarong or casual wrap – whichever way they look fun, don’t take up much room and are quick drying so that re-packing is never a problem when you’re off to the beach, boat or Biarritz.



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