Dreamy beds – our top 10

Our ‘alpha-bed-ical’ list of the top ten places to lie for.

So that you’re not sleeping with the envy, make sure you check out our top ten ‘come to bed’ beds that have invited us from around the world.
We’ve evaluated our current favourites using a simple checklist that each had to meet before it laid us out.
To be a dreamy bed with sufficient ‘jump in, chill out’ value it had to be – sumptuous (big enough to swallow us without drowning us in softness) –crisp and white (with colours only on throws or cushions) – mind over matter (preferably a choice of great pillows, that smell like a summer breeze) – in a special space (set within magical places) and cared for (turned down with accompanying pillow gift, slippers and mineral water).
Travel to frantic or fantastic places in the world and it’s great to sink into a bed that will transport you to paradise – here’s our top ten. They’re all as good as one another so we’ve listed them ‘alpha-bed-ically’.

Suite bedroom 2

Al Maha Bedouin style ‘tented’ suite in the Arabian Desert

Al Maha, Arabian Desert, Dubai
With a view out to our private infinity pool and the Arabian Desert beyond from this Bedouin masterpiece, we could have happily stayed in bed all day long – if it wasn’t for the numerous other activities we wanted to experience at this boutique Bedouin-style resort.


TLC Cliveden

A luxury double room at Cliveden

Cliveden, Berkshire, England
Although we were in Joyce Grenfell’s room there were no indents in the deeply luxurious mattress with its crisp white bedding and view out onto the pool where Profumo was tempted and later caught between the sheets.


TLC Swakopmund Desert Breeze 4

Spartan, spacious and simply stylish at Desert Breeze

Desert Breeze Lodge, Swakopmund, Namibia
For lovers of wide open spaces, in and in front of your room, then Desert Breeze is a breath of fresh air – both in terms of its edgy contemporary design and the endless desert vistas in front of your deeply enveloping bed.


TLC Sher Bagh 10

Elegance and sheer relaxation at Sher Bagh

Sher Bagh, Ranthambore, India
Campaign tents that a Raj officer would have died for – luxury and style top to bottom.


Savuti lodge room 2

No doubt you’re a great white hunter in Savuti Lodge

Savuti Lodge, Savuti national Park, Botswana
If you can tear yourself away from the view over the river and waterhole from your elevated position in this wooden lodge, you’ll sink back into pleasure within this romantic setting.


TLC The Hide 1

Crumpled comfort in the depths of the bush at The Hide

The Hide, Zimbabwe
A simply vast tented lodge whose bed(s) at first glance look basic and uninviting but which transform into havens of comfort as lions prowl outside. Avid the ‘Dove’s nest’ tree house for comfort – its strictly for the birds!


TLC Imperial 49 pan

Just an all-round delight fit for a ruler at The Imperial

The Imperial, Delhi, India
Sink into your Heritage Suite bed and you could imagine yourself an Indian ruler spoiled for choice as to your next whim.


TLC Tintagel

A quiet elegance and crisp clean lines at Tintagel

Tintagel, Colombo, Sri Lanka
If it’s good enough for Prince Charles and Amal Clooney then who are we to argue – simply splendid!


Twin room 4

The bed is hidden from view but the view isn’t at Twin Palms

Twin Palms, Phuket, Thailand
By the time you’ve finished selecting the fragrances for the room and filling for your pillows during your stay you’re ready to sink into the welcme embrace of Twin Palms sumptuous bed as you gaze out over your private plunge pool to the tropical surroundings beyond.



TLC Vil Uyana paddy suite 2

Our spacious ‘Paddy suite’ at Vil Uyana, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Vil Uyana, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Surrounded by bamboo and cane in our spacious suite ‘floating’ in the paddy fields, our huge bed seemed almost lost until we jumped in and started to explore!


Cherrie's Notes

As we find new luxury beds to eclipse the ten we’ve published here we’ll update our post to keep you wrapped in comfort.

Many of those featured here appear in much more detailed posts that include other accommodation and locations we’ve visited in The Luxury Couple website.

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