Jehan Numa – Gateway to the ‘Tiger State’

We’ve long been fortunate enough to know the Rashid family, owners of the Jehan Numa collection of lodges and hotels – from the days when theirs was our only haven of respite from the jungles we lived in within India.

In those days they were in the formative years of turning their ancestral home – formerly the palace of the Begum of Bhopal (the first female ruler of a principality) – into a charming and impressive heritage hotel. Now they have three equally superb places to choose from, whatever your desire for environment.

In addition to its flagship in Shamla Hills, there’s another in Bhopal – The Jehan Numa Retreat and a superb jungle lodge on the edge of Satpura National Park – Reni Pani Jungle Lodge.

If you visit India more than once, you’ll inevitably head towards the ‘Tiger State’ of Madhya Pradesh. Jehan Numa offers you the best gateway to planning a route through the State, whilst ensuring that you live in style.

Take a look at each of these three wonderful properties


Jehan Numa Palace – to be in touch with comfort.
A short drive from the airport or railway station into the Shamla Hills brings you to the dignified portals of Jehan Numa Palace.

One of the most notable features, for us, of our association with the Rashid family is that they’re some of the most natural and unassuming ‘royalty’ we’ve ever come across, with none of the pretensions or arrogance so often found in the upper echelons of Indian society.

This same warmth, approachability and charm permeates throughout the service in their small collection of properties, so that we feel more ‘at home’ than en route to somewhere else whenever we visit.

Nowadays, The Jehan Numa Palace has evolved into the most impressive place to stay in Bhopal, gradually expanding harmoniously so that each new addition seems to have always been part of the original fabric of the palace.

From the days when a courtyard of accommodation flanked the main building, today finds bars, cafes, restaurants, swimming pool, additional rooms, equine exercise menage, banquet facilities and cosy areas to escape others – all seamlessly incorporated into the simple white classical architecture.

If you’re ever in Bhopal, Jean Numa Palace is a must.


Jehan Numa Retreat – to be in touch with yourself.

The Retreat is for someone who has to be in Bhopal but wants to escape from the city clamour or to acclimatise themselves to their coming visits to the countryside.

Set on the grasslands adjacent to Van Vihar, a Forest Department sanctuary, one would never know that you’re in the heart of a city.

This green oasis rests gently in its surroundings and although modern in its presentation nevertheless manages to get the very best from the surrounding landscape, so that it complements rather than clashes with its environment.

Guests can relax or dine in the comfortable areas that adjoin the property’s main reception area, including a woodland area covered by an umbrella of trees; or even seated within the extensive kitchen garden, where you can select your own produce for preparation in front of you.

The whole property exudes a tranquil, calming, luxurious ambiance that would be ideal for a period of quiet in your life when all you need is a wellness and massage retreat amidst the soothing verdant surroundings.


Reni Pani Jungle Lodge – to be in touch with nature.

Aly Rashid is an avid wildlifer, with the genetic imprinting of his family’s heritage in hospitality – an ideal combination to run Reni Pani, the jungle lodge nestled within forest lands adjacent to the magnificent Satpura National Park.

Although a Tiger Reserve, Satpura, with its towering hills, extensive water bodies and diverse forested areas is a natural jewel that warrants a more enlightened stay for those who seek to be at one with nature in all its forms, rather than simply pursue the apex predator.

Aly Rashid and his wife and team have fully embraced the opportunities that Satpura enjoys by offering a full spectrum of experiences within the beautiful landscape – from walking and night safaris, to tented explorations away from camp, mobile fly camps, boating safaris on the Tawa reservoir, Son Badra and Denwa rivers (home to extensive birdlife and Mugger crocodile) and two centre stays to experience different parts of this dramatic reserve.

Aly has also established ‘Pop-Up’ explorations to different parts of the country where small groups of like-minded participants journey to find and observe specific species such a Red Panda and Snow Leopard.

The accommodation at Reni Pani is within twelve individual ‘cottages’ that match well with the tribal mud huts of local villages whilst offering every possible comfort in a stylish setting.
Your own guide, or ‘butler’, meets you with his torch in the early morning and evening to escort you to the main lodge for breakfast or dinner; so that you don’t lose your way or stumble over local wildlife in the otherwise dark night-time surroundings of the camp.

Meals and activities revolve around what you’ve chosen to do but once again Aly and his team do all they can to accommodate your every wish. Whether you’re taking a picnic with you across the Tawa to enjoy a jeep drive in the reserve, setting out on a walking tour of some of the core area, or venturing up river on a day or two camping trip to explore the upper reaches of this lovely park, you can rely on the team at Reni Pani making it an unforgettable experience.


Cherrie's Notes

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