Art & About – Part 3. Three Dimensional Art

A pictorial, three part, worldwide appreciation of outdoor visual treats.

Part 3. 3D Art

This final part of our three-part snapshot of outdoor art, deals with three-dimensional art that you’ll find in your travels around the world.

We’ve excluded sculptures of famous people that are there to commemorate the lives of the great and good, as these are considered and commissioned pieces that simply mark the life of an individual.

Not so much a commemoration of Hemingway himself, more a reminder that La Floridita, in Havana, Cuba, was one of his famous and favourite haunts where Daiquiri were downed in abundance!

Where a figure is shown, it’s because it’s been portrayed in an unusual or novel setting, whether it’s Hemingway leaning on his bar at la Floridita, the local notables in Havana, or Elvis busking at a bar in Malaga.

Not all of the examples are static but nevertheless add something to our pleasure within our environment – or as in the case below, bring the environment to us.

Do you need green fingers to drive this?

The images you’ll see here are those that we’ve come across that are ‘art for art’s sake’, in that their sole purpose is really to provoke thought, memory, enjoyment or comment. There si no justification for them other than as visual gifts to enhance your passing.

Wooden pieces for this game in a Shanghai park.

They take numerous forms but are noteworthy because they mark our ability as Man to celebrate the simple act of creativity, as opposed to the formal manifestation of functionality.

Its a bonus when humour and free expression creeps into three-dimensional form

Too much of the world around us is dedicated purely to function and whilst many of the architectural forms we see around us can be quite creative, they are born out of necessity rather than simply joy or frivolity.

Sometimes art takes a darker or more poignant and serious form to move, inspire or stimulate our emotions; such as  the commemoration or recognition of an event to provoke thought and reaction, where a simple plaque would fall far short of the import of the situation.

The moving imagery of abandoned shoes, cast in bronze to denote the countless numbers of Jews lined up and stripped along the banks of the Danube, before being shot and dropped into the river during the Second World War, cannot fail but act as a permanent reminder that transports the viewer into a scenario for which we must be forever mindful of its potential recurrence.

Poignant sculpture that can’t fail but leave you moved – to the memory of the countless victims shot into the Danube by Arrow Cross militiamen in 1944–45

Monument to the 1956 Budapest uprising (featuring rusting columns representing people coming together until they fuse into one powerful shining force that eventually breaks away from tyranny)

We believe that the artworks we’ve shown here bring some form of stimulation that encourages thought beyond simple day-to-day existence. Some are nothing more than a celebration of passion and beauty; where pleasure generates the impetus for creativity.

The Little Mermaid; a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen (Carlsberg) to the City of Copenhagen, she has subsequently become synonymous with the city

The Little Mermaid, synonymous with Copenhagen was born out of Carl Jacobsen’s passion for Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy-tale ballet of the same name. This simple, unassuming, sculpture is now recognised the world over and has become a unassailable motif for the city.

Wherever you go you’ll find three dimensional forms that add a little bit of life, a frisson of fun, to an otherwise potentially mundane existence; for those who either toil daily at work or travel through sterile streets but more importantly for those who believe that there’s more to life than work – and that form shouldn’t always follow function.

We hope you’v enjoyed our brief pictorial three-part round-up of outdoor art – and that you’ll keep your eyes open for many more art forms to brighten your journeys around the world.


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