Just a drop in the ocean!

Not just saving the planet but saving ourselves – how our hunt for ‘reef safe’ sun screen for our Maldives trip expanded our knowledge of safe travel products.

We’re ever conscious that travel alone causes its fair share of damage to the environment – but what about the damage we do to ourselves and those around us in the process?

Everyday personal convenience often takes priority over everyday personal care. Awareness of what we’re doing to ourselves can also have untold benefits for our neighbours around the world.

Like the water droplet, our choices don’t only have an immediate impact on us but also on a significantly larger area as their effects extend far and wide.
Our hunt for environmentally friendly coral reef-safe sun screen (now compulsory in Hawaii but our choice for the Maldives) led to an internet search that highlighted just how ignorant we are of the insidious chemical content of many products that continue to irreparably harm us as individuals, as well as contributing towards the ongoing destruction of our environment.

We found some excellent websites whilst searching and don’t intend to simply repeat everything that they say, as they’re much more comprehensive than any review we publish – so we’ve given you a brief guide and hyperlink to each below.

How much you take on board is obviously a personal choice but it really made us stop and think about the damage we’re doing to ourselves – and quite apart from the selfish perspective of wanting to live a longer healthy life, there are enormous benefits to the planet as well.

Corporate ‘responsibility’ rarely kicks in until consumers stop buying a company’s product; so your very own ‘drop in the ocean’ will have far reaching effects if we all act.

Perhaps if we look around us with increasingly ‘green eyes’ to the future, we’ll be less envious of what we once had – and lost – on this priceless planet.

Our guide to some useful websites

There is a little information overlap between the websites but they’re all worth browsing. We do hope that you too gain some benefit from what follows.

Just click on the logos below.


Reef safe sunscreens – and remember that sunscreen chemicals wash off into the sea, even if you’re not by a coral reef.





Human and environmentally safe mosquito repellents – because Deet is now more toxic to humans than it is to mosquitoes.





A really good well-thought out site for plastic-free environmentally safe shaving soap, deodorants, toothpastes and many other everyday products.





Eco-friendly-sustainable-beauty cosmetics that mean you won’t poison either yourself or the environment.





Cosmetics content information review. The low down on all of the toxins to avoid in any beauty product.






Cherrie's Notes

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