The Bigger Picture

As thoughts and actions became increasingly polarised towards our own immediate environment and as international borders closed, this crisis should have brought lessons for our future into sharp focus.

These were extraordinary times. Coronavirus (Covid -19) touched every human on earth in some way or another, not least because it also temporarily suspended the magic of travel.

A thought we’d like you to consider, which is unlikely to be immediately apparent, is actually how fortunate we all are.

A virus by definition does not eradicate the host on which it depends for life. While the effects of Coronavirus might have been devastating to each and every one of us in some way, we are told that we were looking at a period of illness, unrest, upset, social disturbance and recovery before we once again stabilised in good health.

Whilst the full effects of Covid-19 are yet to be discovered, we should think ourselves fortunate that hopefully, on this occasion, we did not face an illness that would account for all life forms on earth.

More importantly however, we feel that this event should serve as an insight and wake-up call to mankind; how fragile our existence is and how we continue to damage  our planet – from which there may be no recovery.

Covid-19 , having been identified, had an immediate, visible and lasting effect on us all and hopefully will dissipate in its effects as time goes by.

Global warming, climate change, melting ice caps, disappearing rain forests, environmental abuse, commercial operations, disappearing natural resources, have all been identified but their effects are insidious and slower to impact on us – are more easily ignored – but are cumulative and will not dissipate..

For this reason they are all the more dangerous to our future life, as their repercussions are probably irreversible.

Covid-19 should be viewed as a speeded-up movie of global warming – an insight into the devastating impact it can have on our daily lives – but with a different and far more catastrophic outcome.

Isn’t it time to wake up to the fact that we may be the last generations able to halt the destruction of all life on our planet? Isn’t it time to take decisive and far-reaching action, whatever the cost?

We’ve been too complacent about what’s happening to our earth; believing that something, or someone else, will fix it.

We hope that Covid-19, however horrific, will be the catalyst to energise the preservation of our planet. Covid-19 has given us a glimpse of disaster but also proves that we can work together globally; we need to replicate this to preserve our world.

Much will happen before equilibrium after Coronavirus is restored – but we should never forget how vulnerable we were…we are.

We wish all of you a healthy future with us – stay safe!


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